About Us

Welcome to JHC a new Partnership between myself and my daughter. Our team have designed, manufactured, restored and built cars for many customers over the past 30 years. Over 200 of the original DGt's were sold in the UK, Australia, Japan, USA, France, Germany and Holland. We built the BIRST Fast Strike Vehicle for the British SAS, the prototype being sold to the Dunsfold Land Rover collection in 2011.

We have a wealth of knowledge in limited production and engineering, but are best known for the World famous DGT, we are now entering a new era of superbly built and equipped Elite Military Chique, Land Rover 110 V8 Special Overland Vehicles. 

Our desire has always been to build and deliver high quality, high specificatiion, safe, production quality hand built vehicles, and we have achieved this furthering the history with a different take on a long established and respected vehicle no longer in production.

A new adventure with an awesome background: One Life Live It - in the - Best 4x4 By Far.

John joined the British Army back in 76 and won the Sword of Honour at Sandhurst (story attached) Joined the Queens Royal Irish Hussars, and retired after twelve and a half years as a Squadron Leader, having spent three years with the Canadian Special Service Force, and work with the US 82nd Airborne in Fort Bragg, 1st Southern Command Special Forces. On retiring he set up JH Classics, with a wealth of mechanical knowledge and qualifications earned during his military service.

Charlotte has completed her education at Wellington School, Somerset, gaining excellent results. Charlotte is a dedicated equestrian, having ridden cross country and show jumping she is now specialising in Dressage with her superb and capable Thoroughbred ex race horse Fern. Charlotte is a talented and imaginative young lady who is working hard to help this new partnership develop, she has won a place at the Royal Agricutural University, Cirencester, and following her degree plans to follow in her Grandfathers foot steps in taking a commission in the Life Guards, Household Cavalry.