Bravo 2 - 110 V8 Desert and Safari SOV

Bravo 2

Bravo 2: - Built for Desert and Safari crossings yet GB friendly. Long range fuel and water tanks, V8 with manual gearbox for rugged off road motoring, fully equipped for four crew. 

Side awning with net shade protection panel. Wolf bonnet basket, Wolf extra fuel can holders. Electric cold box. Tool box and tools mounted on the reinforced roof rack with other items in designated stowage systems. Smoke grenade dischargers for, do ask!

Sand rails. Kinetic energy extraction tow rope, purpose built and refined air induction system allowing for deep wading and clean air in desert conditions. 

Two front wing mounted rifle holsters.

Steering and differential guards, 4 heavy duty towing shackles, for towing out other cars!

Desert Sand paint finish (desert pink option) with cream leather, cream leather electric sports seats. 

Orders are now being accepted for 2025 delivery.

Fully detailed specifications are agreed with each individual customer.

See Alpha 1 for interior specification

  • See Alpha 1 for interior specifications, with options available