The Land Rover Defender 110 SOV variants to be produced by JHC provide four life-style opportunities which we believe will enhance the SOV experience.

Four Variants of the SOV are offered, but each built to the new owners requirements, the Delta 4 Shoot option also incudes an open top truck back version with full roll cage and a lot more!

Each Variant is designated by a Call sign, as detailed above, adding to the military appeal, the main colour choice is Desert Sand matt finish. After the initial strip down and rebuild with all mechanical work completed, the bodywork enhancement phase is conducted prior to painting, this ensures accurate fit and finish, the interior is stripped out and the various internal modifications prepared. Whilst being painted the interior leather work is fully prepared ready for fitting and the final build up of the SOV.

The enhancement of the exterior involves a number of subtle and some not so subtle body fitments, i.e. rifle holsters are fitted to the front wings and carry umbrellas! Whilst on the Delta 4 Shoot SOV the holsters are used for storing 4 shotguns, and at the front of the SOV a large ammunition box beautifully lined and presented for cartridge storage.

The reinforced roof rack has designated storage facilities for items such as; dining table and 4 field dining chairs, extra fuel and water jerry cans, spare wheel and a tool kit stored in another ammunition box. With the options of sand rails for the Bravo 2 variant or surf board rack system for the Alpha 1.

All of the Variants feature the Puma bonnet with Wolf basket housing special equipment or a large fully equiped picnic basket strapped down and covered in bungie tie down camouflage net. A large roll bag also in cam net contains a full size picnic rug.  

Click on each Variant to read their specifications. 

We would like to thank for their excellent work and attention to this project, producing the superb graphic design illustrations of each of our Variants, interpreting the design brief and creating the excellent art work you can now enjoy and envisage the final product of each Variant, our special thanks to Ross Martin, Illustrator, who has worked with great proffesional skill, liasing with us and creating what we asked for.

Highly reccommended for accurate cost effective design and artwork, a pleasure to work with,....what next?!