Delta 4 - Shoot V8 110 SOV

Delta 4 - Shoot V8 SOV

Delta 4: - The British Shoot SOV, equipped to support the shooting Guns. Four Guns up front with seating for four Loaders and dogs in the rear compartment. Dog ramp for our older soldiers. Side awning with equipment to provide for the shoot break and lunch. Reinforced roof rack with 5th wheel and tyre and extra load capacity with designated stowage options. Hot water boiling vessel, drinks cabinet & electric cold box, fully equipped picnic hamper, dining table and field chairs. Kinetic energy extraction tow rope.

Dedicated external, fully trimmend internally with leather ammunition/cartridge storage box, mounted on the front bumper (lockable). Dedicated and secure Clay or Game carrier mounted on the rear tailgate.

Two front wing mounted lockable rifle holsters carrying four shotguns. Extra gun racks and holsters as required for loaders second guns, these are normally fitted behind the rear seats.

Petrol V8 with manual gearbox.

Matt paint finish, Gun Metal grey.

Full leather interior in black/grey stitched and piped leather.

The Delta 4 Variant also offers the truck back version for the Shoot, full low profile roll cage with seating for up to six Guns.

The side and tail awning demonstrated in the illustration below is common to all Variants, the awning is self supporting and deployable within minutes, the cam net shade protection panel can be pegged out as in the illustration or supported horizontally with the suplied military cam poles.

Please enquire for fully detailed specification and pricing, orders are being accpeted now for 2022 delivery.

See Alpha 1 for interior specifications

  • See Alpha 1 for interior specifications, with options available